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Dermaquest advanced SkinBrite Serum is a silky, hydroquinone-free serum that seeks out and lifts discoloration and pigmentation, halting it at the source and preventing future formation while minimizing the irritation and unwanted side effects of traditional pigmentation treatments. 


what it does: 

with daily use, dermaquest advanced SkinBrite Serum provides a fresh start for hyperpigmented skin, bringing it back to its original radiance, evenness, and luminosity.  

how it does it: 

a prodigiously effective team of pigmentation inhibitors stops melanogenesis before it even begins.   

  • synovea® hr (hexylresorcinol) and chromabright™  (dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate) provide tyrosinase inhibition, working 4x more effectively and safely than hydroquinone to stop pigment formation at the source. 
  • shiitake mushroom extract and kojic acid attack tyrosinase production at the enzymatic level, enhancing the efficacy of other brightening ingredients and visibly lifting sun damage, age spots, and scars. 

a skin-nourishing prebiotic restores balance and strengthens skin’s defense system. 

  • cultibiota, a stable prebiotic, counteracts the effects of environmental stressors, improving the overall health of the skin while reducing redness, balancing ph, and protecting against uv exposure. 


an intelligent, time-released delivery complex carries active ingredients straight to the source.  

  • hydroxysomes® serve as a highly-efficient vehicle that allow active ingredients to penetrate deep within skin.

a lusciously hydrating formula protects and restores as it rejuvenates.

  • tranexamic acid, an aha and effective tyrosinase inhibitor, gently lifts dead cells and provides deep hydration. 
  • bakuchiol, a less-irritating retinol alternative, promotes increased cell turnover and stimulates collagen production.

Advanced SkinBrite Serum

  • water  (aqua),  butylene  glycol,  glycerin,  lentinus  edodes  mycelium  extract,  sodium  ascorbyl  phosphate, hexylresorcinol,  caprylic/capric  triglyceride,  hydroxyapatite,  tranexamic  acid,  peg-8/smdi  copolymer, arctostaphylos  uva-ursi  (bearberry)  leaf  extract,    diacetyl  boldine,  arbutin,  magnesium  ascorbyl phosphate,  sea  water,  laminaria  digitata  extract,  chlorella  vulgaris  extract,  saccharide  isomerate, morus  alba  fruit  extract,  malva  sylvestris  (mallow)    flower/leaf/stem  extract,    mentha  piperita (peppermint)  leaf  extract,    primula  veris  flower  extract,    alchemilla  vulgaris  flower/leaf/stem  extract, veronica  officinalis  flower/leaf/stem  extract,  methyl  undecenoyl  leucinate,    melissa  officinalis  leaf extract,    achillea  millefolium  flower/leaf/stem  extract,  dextran,  palmitoyl  hexapeptide-36, nonapeptide-1,  thymus  hydrolysate,  hydroxyethylcellulose,  xanthan  gum,  kojic  acid,  palmaria  palmata extract,  phyllanthus  emblica  fruit  extract,  rhododendron  ferrugineum  leaf  cell  culture  extract, glycyrrhiza  glabra  (licorice)  root  extract,  lilium  candidum  leaf  cell  extract,  dimethylmethoxy chromanyl  palmitate,  disodium  edta,  resorcinol,  bakuchiol,    isomalt,  lecithin,  sodium  benzoate,  sodium metabisulfite,  lactic  acid,  alcohol,  phenoxyethanol,    caprylyl  glycol,    ethylhexylglycerin,  hexylene  glycol, citric  acid,  sodium  hydroxide,  polysorbate  60,  disodium  phosphate,  sodium  phosphate

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