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Buccal Massage Facial

Suffering from jaw tension, TMJ symptoms, or want the ultimate treatment that addresses all layers of the face? This treatment has been carefully crafted to enhance the flow of the lymphatic system from head to chest to finger tips, target tight muscles, and bound up fascia.Intra-oral work is a beauty secret of many celebrities to keep their skin have a youthful glow. Learn all about this sought-after treatment.



The intra-oral portion of this facial adds numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Detox boost

  • Releases tense and knotted muscles and fascia

  • Reduces inflammation/puffiness, stagnant fluids, and loosens up blockages: this helps to created a sculpted look

  • Addresses muscles associated with TMJ pain and tension

  • Enhanced treatment and product absorption

What To Expect

A double cleanse will start the treatment with a facial and lymphatic massage warm up and specific movements of the signature Rejuvenating Face Lift. The buccal massage will then commence with botanical oils to help with slip. This massage address all of the facial muscles to increase blood flow and relax tense muscles.

This is followed up with one skin treatment (mask, peel, microdermabrasion) that is tailored to each client's needs. LED red light therapy is then used for a lymphatic drainage boost, detox, anti-aging benefits, and pain relief for TMJ. gua sha/cupping. Finishing products and serums will be applied at the end.


Other FAQs

How often should I schedule a buccal massage?

For facial sculpting purposes, 4-6 sessions booked about 2-3 weeks apart act as a full treatment series. Maintenance can be booked about every 2-4 months after that. 

Is there any special prep?

Comfy clothing, a clean face, and open mind are all you need. 

Will this help my TMJ? 

Depending on the cause of your TMJ, this treatment could help alleviate tension, built up stress, and increase lymphatic and circulation flow to the areas. Many clients who clench or grind their teeth especially typically book every 4-8 weeks, whether it is a full treatment or a Buccal Express, for maintenance.

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